Jatec has learned that the education and knowledge of its employees are the backbone of a strong company.

Jatec develops talent. We transfer expertise and knowledge though our ranks. We develop labourers into senior management through powerful leadership and investment.

Our senior-level managers have one objective: to impart their knowledge to the next level down. Our middle managers have the same objective, which trickles down to the newest members of the team. Accordingly, at any given time Jatec has the capacity to take on more projects and bigger jobs. Junior managers grow, and Jatec evolves symbiotically.

Jatec ensures that its employees are up to date on their equipment training and all other training involved in their particular jobs. If they wish, employees can learn a new trade to apply to Jatec’s work. Jatec’s managerial staff take courses in leadership, to ensure they are using best practices when working with their employees.

Continuing education is not simply a catchphrase for Jatec. Knowledge is power, and we understand that our power comes from our people.