What is a Jatec Employee?

What is a Jatec Employee?

Jatec is dedicated to hiring the best and brightest: people looking for a career, not just a job.

In our grandfathers’ day, it was not uncommon to work for the same company for 25 years. Today, it is not uncommon to work for five or more companies in a 25-year period. Jatec preserves a traditional approach of treating people right and expecting a strong work ethic in return.

This approach is the basis for Jatec’s capacity and power. Our employees’ average tenure is over 10 years. Our relationships are the foundation of our success, beginning with our employees and our stakeholders. This is our People First principle: No matter the situation, people come before profits, and the needs of our supporters are the greatest priority.

This bilateral commitment means that Jatec is willing to stand up for its employees, get them the training they need, pitch in and help whenever necessary, and take care of employees like family. In return, employees are expected to give their all, treat their Jatec co-workers like family, and work hard to help the unified Jatec name succeed.

Jatec employees can envision themselves as leaders. They work around many people who have come up through the ranks, working hard, learning different skills, and being promoted from within. Jatec employees all have the ability and drive to be leaders. They also have the humility to understand there is much they need to learn, and to be constantly educating themselves on the ever-evolving protocols, regulations, and new processes that are inherent in their work.

The top reason for Jatec’s success is its people. The level of trust we have in our employees leads to a sense of empowerment, which drives our workers to consistently do their best work.

If you are interested in working for the leader in the underground utility and highway infrastructure field in the Edmonton area, visit our careers page.