About Us

About Us

Jatec has the people and the power to complete the job. Our priorities are clear: people, knowledge, and equipment.


Our focus is on developing talented people. It is not uncommon to have a lifelong career at Jatec. We invest in our people, and they take the steps to reach our common goals.

Building lifelong relationships with utility contractors, our community, and our stakeholders is also paramount. Our success is based on recognizing the needs and requirements of those around us and ensuring we meet those expectations.


We are dedicated to continuing to build on a solid foundation of experience and knowledge. Jatec’s learning culture allows us to react to change, increase efficiencies, and grow, all the while maintaining excellence.


We own and service the largest fleet of equipment in our industry. This makes us agile and flexible. We take pride in ownership, allowing us to build efficiencies and save time and money.