Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, we fuse great people with expert knowledge and extensive equipment to deliver safe, outstanding service on every job.

A brief history of JATEC

In 1984, a young master electrician by the name of Jim Allen founded JATEC as a commercial electrical contractor. Following a decade of commercial electrical work, JATEC was awarded its first shallow utility project in Edmonton’s Wolf Willow neighbourhood. This marked a significant shift in JATEC’s service scope, and, by 1999, the company narrowed its focus to shallow utility work. Since then, JATEC has expanded to perform a wide variety of services throughout the construction industry.

Today, Jatec holds a modern fleet of over 200 units including: hydrovacs, directional drills, excavators, trenchers, backhoes, drilling trucks, bucket trucks and more. It’s an impressive lineup, but our proudest achievement to date is our people. A stacked team of highly trained professionals who strive to exceed our clients’ expectations day in, day out.

Connecting Communities

It’s our mantra—but what does it mean exactly? We connect communities through our work in telecom, wireless communication, subdivision and highway infrastructure. Beyond the literal meaning, we connect communities by supporting important local community groups including the University Hospital Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Kids with Cancer.

Core Values

Our values are simple. We believe in professional development, employee investment and organizational growth. We face challenges head on by adapting to change and working together to solve problems safely and effectively. Finally, we exceed expectations by delivering outstanding service and leaving neighbourhoods in better shape than we found them.


Stronger together

We believe every Jatec employee has the ability to be exceptional. By elevating our people and cultivating a positive work environment, we empower employees to transcend their potential and lead with courage. The result is an extraordinary team of inspired individuals who show up to win and shoot for excellence on every project.

Executive Team

Meet the skilled and seasoned individuals who are leading JATEC toward a bigger, brighter, more connected future.

Jim Allen

Jim Allen

Chief Executive Officer

Jim founded JATEC in 1984. He is a certified master electrician who spends his days connecting with clients and ensuring they receive value.

Alex Stenner

Alex Stenner

VP, Commercial & Infrastructure Projects

As Vice President of Commercial and Infrastructure projects, Alex is a JATEC veteran who provides strategic assistance on major projects. He is a master electrician with the Professional Electrical Contractor designation, and a United Nation Protection Force and Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal recipient.

Dave Tarkowski

Dave Tarkowski

Chief Operations Officer

A Jatec employee since 1997, Dave now helps steer the growth of the organization as Chief Operations Officer. Dave holds a Journeyman Electrical Trade certification and managed many large-scale projects before moving to the office full time. Dave’s field background has been instrumental in his success as he oversees all aspects of JATEC’s diverse operations including subdivision, commercial development and highway infrastructure projects.