At Jatec, safety is paramount in every piece of our operation.

Many contractors boast that they have a safe worksite. They may test for drug use, and ensure their employees are focusing on their job and not on the latest Twitter feed from their Smartphone—but this isn’t always the case.

During the busy season, many contractors overlook safety in the interest of deadlines. Jatec, however, has a staunch safety protocol that is adhered to at all times. For workers who dislike the added responsibility that comes with maintaining good safety practices, Jatec may not be the right fit. But the people Jatec hires appreciate the high level of safety they have come to expect on Jatec worksites.

Jatec’s standard drug and alcohol testing is a protocol that all applicants go through. If they do not pass the tests, whether because of a one-time indiscretion or an ongoing habit, they cannot work for Jatec—period. This high level of commitment to employee safety is part of the Jatec culture. Keeping workers safe through screening for drugs and alcohol lets long-term employees feel confident that they are safe on the jobsite.

Jatec adheres to other safe practices, such as ensuring that the individuals working with large machinery are properly trained and certified to work that equipment. Developers and employees alike appreciate this strict adherence to safety protocol. Jatec is proud of its 100% COR rating, which means that all staff are adhering to proper protocol, and are therefore less likely to be injured on the job.

Jatec recognizes that without its people, it would not be the leader in its industry. Our number one priority is keeping our employees safe.