Since 1984, we’ve been successfully digging, building, installing and connecting for our private and public-sector clients. What started as commercial electrical work has evolved into a wide array of safe, professional services including shallow utilities, highway lighting and signage, commercial, telecommunications and wireless communications.

Shallow Utility Installation

As Alberta’s largest shallow utilities contractor, we offer complete turnkey installation. We safely build and maintain innovative infrastructure that delivers electricity, telecommunications, and natural gas to neighbourhoods and businesses. This service includes:

  • Excavation and trenching
  • Residential and commercial high-voltage and secondary servicing
  • Installation and maintenance of roadway, arterial and residential lighting
  • Telecommunications infrastructure in new neighbourhoods
  • Natural gas installations
  • Duct bank and vault installations

Highway Lighting and Signage

When it comes to our highways, we effectively lead and light the way. We offer highway lighting and signage manufacturing, assembly and installation throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan. This service includes:

  • Lighting and signs for highway/infrastructure works
  • Installation of complete lighting systems, including excavating and interconnecting light poles
  • Supplying and installing traffic signals
  • Designing and installing foundations
  • Designing, assembling and installing sign structures with manufacturing partners over active or inactive roadways


Looking to make connections? We offer construction, installation, testing and maintenance of aerial and buried telecommunications network infrastructures. This service includes:

  • Civil works
  • Directional drilling and hydrovac excavation
  • Placement and splicing of underground and aerial fibre
  • Mainline and fibre to the home
  • Fibre testing


We proudly provide the electrical distribution of power for street and parking lot lighting, power cabinets, receptacles, and accent lighting in a commercial-construction setting. This includes:

  • Commercial buildings such as shopping centres, high rises and office buildings
  • Industrial buildings such as water treatment, manufacturing and oil and gas facilities
  • Institutional buildings such as schools, hospitals, government buildings and warehouses
  • Parkades

Airport Power and Telecom Upgrades

Aviation has connected communities across the globe and pushes the demands of technology and infrastructure to ensure safe travel for everyone. We have the unique pleasure of working with airports to upgrade their infrastructure to meet the growing demand. This includes:

  • High-voltage and secondary power upgrades
  • Telecommunications upgrades
  • Shallow utilities upgrades
  • Runway lighting / Apron upgrades


We live in a wireless world, and we love to connect. We successfully install and upgrade wireless communications infrastructure, and maintain networks across Canada. This service includes:

  • Localized wireless distribution projects
  • Distributed antenna systems (DAS)
  • Installation of small cellular systems
  • Power installation (AC/DC) and upgrades at cellular site